KMG Articulating Work Rest System

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The KMG Articulating Work Rest System contains the following parts:

  • Work Rest Table
  • Tooling arm (for KMG-TX)  or Universal Mounting Adapter ( for Classic KMG, Other grinders)
  • 1  (one) 90-degree angle knuckle
  • 2 (two) links with levers
  • 3 (three) 1″ diameter pins

These components will allow you to create hundreds of combinations for every work support situation.



Tooling Arm - is used for the KMG-TX and other grinders that are using a 1 1/2″ tool arm

Universal Mounting Adaptor is used to connect the Articulating Work Rest System to the Classic KMG Grinders and other grinders.   If you have already purchased the Articulating Work Rest System for the TX, you can buy this kit separately to connect it to a Classic KMG or other grinder.  It can also be used to create your own a la carte work rest system.  The kit comes with one Pin, two bolts and washers.

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