Kitchen - Chef Maker™ Knife 14 Blade Blank Set

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Kitchen Knife Blades - Chef Maker Line Set


      Kit Includes:

- 1qty - 8" Chef Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 8" Carving Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 6" Santoku Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 4" Fruit Knife Blade Blank

- 6qty - 4" Utility Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 3" Paring Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 10.5" Fork Blade Blank

- 1qty - 8" Bread Knife Blade Blank

- 1qty - 6" Boning Knife Blade Blank


NOTE: These kitchen knife blanks are already heat treated and hardened. All you need to do is add a handle. We designed these kitchen blade blanks with this full set in mind. You get 14 total blade blanks with coordinated styling. When you finish this kitchen blade blank set you will have a set of great kitchen knives any chef would appreciate. Match the handles across all of them or color code the handles to your preference.

We suggest adding a pair of g10 scales in 3/16" thick material for the handle. You could also add some handsome stabilized and dyed wood scales from our extensive assortment or even from your own stock.

 Our medium size corby bolts will fit the tang holes perfectly to hold the scales in place.