Kirinite (TM) Starlight Neon 1/4" x 1.5" x 6" pair of scales

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Kirinite White MOP


- 1/4" x 1.5" x 6" Pair of Scales

We are the exclusive knife handle distributor of this material.

This material is "unskinned" which means it will be slighty over thickness (yea! more for no extra cost!) but it is a bit dull looking when not skinned (no!). Once you shape and buff it, this material will really come to life with deep swirls of tones and heavy "metal" pearl look (yea!).

This is a brand material called Kirinite. It has very intense bright metal pearl coloring.  This material is a tough as Corian(tm). You can get matching pistol grips from Eagle Grips. It machines beautifully and is a pleasure to work with.

Simply shape using typical wood working tools and methods, sand to 400 or 600 grit and give it a light buff with white or pink buff compound to bring out a stunning, grippy finish. If you over heat it on the buffer, you will orange peel the material. It gets soft at around 200F which doesn't take long to get to on a buffer with a fine grit compound. Don't worry too much about it being too slippery if buffed to a high shine, it won't be.

Note: We cut this material with a metal band saw and fine tooth blade. Generall an 14 or 18tpi blade, which ever is in the saw. Just like some types of wood, when drilling, it will tend to break out on the bottom of your through hole if you don't back it up with some scrap material. Now if the bottom of your through is against the tang, no worries but if the bottom of your through hole is going to show, back it up with some scrap.

Note: if interested in panels - Panels are custom quoted via email or phone and are not listed on the web site. Pictured is a sheet, 1 unpolished scale and 1 partially rounded and polished scale for reference. You are purchasing item in the size and prize as described, not the quantity that is picutred.