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BladeBond HT is an exciting new product developed specifically for the hidden tang (stick tang) style of handle of handle construction. After dialouging with several well know makers who expressed their likes and dislikes regarding the current products they were using, BladeBond began work on formulating a dedicated hidden tang adhesive...the result is BladeBond HT. The number one requirement of most of the makers we spoke with was that a hidden tang adhesive muct have a very low viscosity for ease of pouring into the handle cavity. BladeBond HT has a viscosity similiar to vegetable oil (at 75 degrees F). It pours beautifully, and fills handle cavities extremely efficiently and completely. Here's the great thing though about the new HT formula. Unlike the rifle bedding compounds currently being used for hidden tang construction, BladeBond HT is measured in a simple 2:1 mix. Additionally it starts to gel in 20 minutes, reaches a tack free workable state in 3 hours. Our accelerated cure cycle drastically reduces down time over the old antiquated formulas currently being used. The physical properties of BladeBond HT are very similiar to the BladeBond Ultra formula, and like all BladeBond products contain no harmful solvents or VOCs.

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