Loveless - Half - style bolt .157" thread shaft .312" shoulder 303SS

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Loveless style Bolts

.157" Thread Shaft .990" long shaft

.312" Shoulder .290" long shoulders

Over all length is 1.20"
.160" Thread Diameter
8-32 Thread

303 Stainless Steel

one end slotted

  • Ron Loveless designed and made this style of handle connector famous. One side will show a nice round pin in the handle. The other side will show the now famous round ring with the inner circle.
  • Use these Lovelass style bolts to connect handles to a knife tang. For a full tang knife:
    • You drill a hole in the tang the size of the shaft. Then you drill holes part way through the handle material the diameter of the shoulder.
  • For a hidden tang knife:
    • Dry mount your handle to the hidden tang so it doesn't move. Drill a hole through both handle and tang in one pass. Then drill the handle material partially to depth the diameter of the shoulder.
  • Screw the two parts together fastening the scales to the tang. The end of the bolt is slotted so you can use a screw driver to tighten the bolt. When you have it tight, you grind off the excess bolt material leaving a nice pin showing. You can also grind the shaft and/or threads to shorten them up. The shoulder and shaft are almost certainly longer than the thickest handle/tang combination.
  • We have these custom made exclusively for us.
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