Groover for Stitches

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Craftool Adjustable Groover

Measure and gouge grooves in one step. Adjusts from 1/16" to 3/4". (Replacement Blade for Adjustable Stitching Groover is #8075-00.)


tip: If you hand sew sheaths, you must get one of these. A stitch groover removes a small 'groove' of leather for your stitches to be sewn in so they are recessed and protected from wear. Use this on both the front and the back. To use, slightly dampen your leather on the front. Pull the stitch groover around the perimeter of your sheath where you will stitch peeling out a narrow little groove. Using your stitch spacing wheel, make your stitch marks, using an awl (or an awl in a drill press like I do), make your stitch holes in the leather. Now pull the stitch groover on the back side over the stitch holes. Stitch your sheath and both sides of the stitches are recessed and protected.


Leather working tools and supplies for sheaths and holsters.