Greatest Living Knifemakers by Steve Shackleford

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For All Knife Fans!

A Deluxe Hardcover Book with Full-Color Photos

This collection from the publishers of BLADE® Magazine profiles some of the best custom knifemakers the world has to offer—who they are, how they got started, the highlights of their careers and, of course, their knives.

It chronicles the greatest knife designs, the “gurus” of cutlery, knifemaking techniques, the great knife shows, leading cutlery publications, knife jargon, and many of the things you must know to help you understand what has become an international phenomenon.

If you’re into custom knives—those who make them, buy them, collect them, and know them better than anyone extant—or simply want to be, then Greatest Living Knifemakers is for you.


ISBN: 9781951115197

256 pages