Glow Powder 1oz Triple Green

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Glow in the Dark Powder

Triple Green - 6 hour glow time

This Triple Green glow powder has a very vibrant daytime color and glows extremely brightly under a black light and in the dark.  Use this powder when brightness and longevity are needed. Its most prominent uses if for safety applications such as signs and egress markings. But perfect for any application where brightness or a green glow color is needed.

Our phosphorescent GLOW IN THE DARK POWDERS are the highest commercial grade new glowing material available. After being exposed to light will absorb that light energy and then slowly release it over time. These glow in the dark powders will glow for hours in total darkness and offer a variety of practical, artistic and fun uses. Mixing these glow powders in clear mediums such, as polyurethanes, epoxies, plastics or acrylic emulsions will render that medium to glow in the dark after being charged by light. From safety, to art, to sports products the creative possibilities are endless with these amazing glowing substance. Totally non-toxic these strontium based glow pigments come in a variety of amazing glow colors.

Tip: mix just a few match head size "doses" with an ounce of 2 part epoxy and mix well. This will give you a great looking glow in the dark epoxy.

Tip: Use this material mixed with 2 part epoxy to make skull beads eyes glow in the dark. Thin out your epoxy with just a small amount of alcohol or acetone. Mix in the powder. Using a small veterinarians syringe available from any farm store, squirt a small amount of the epoxy mix into the bead to give a glow in the dark look.

NOTE: Pictured are 5 different colors. You are buying 1oz of the color indicated in the title.