Gloves Vinyl -5ml, Clear, Powder Free - Large - 100 ct

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Vinyl Gloves - powder free - 100 count (50pair)

Always, always, always wear gloves when handling any chemical. Most every chemical we work in knife making will kill you slowly or causes cancer. I never glue up a knife, dye leather or work with any kind of chemical with out wearing gloves. You shouldn't either. The problem with the stuff we work with is that it won't kill you today or make you break out in a rash to warn you. It will take years off the end of your life. Seriously, wear rubber, vinyl, latex or some other kind of protective glove when working with chemicals. If you don't believe me about this, send me an email and tell me I'm full of it. I'll put you in direct touch with some guys I know that have serious medical issues from not wearing protective gear. After you talk to them, you'll believe me. It doesn't matter if you buy them here, just wear some. 

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