G10 - Yellow and Black 2x2 1/8" - Knife Handle Material

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G10 - Yellow and Black G10 2x2 1/8"x1.5"x6" pair scales
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G10 - Yellow and Black 2x2 G10 1/8"x6"x12" Sheet
G10 - Yellow and Black 2x2 G10 1/8" x 12" x 12" Square
G10 - Yellow and Black 2x2 G10 1/8" x 12" x 24" Rectangle

Black and Yellow G10

  • Alternating layers
  • Strong contrast
  • Canvas weave

*NOTE: If you purchase 12"x12" Or 12"x24" Sheet there could be a lead time depending on In Stock Quantities.
This G10 creates a strong contrast pattern and will show off a pattern in a shaped handle especially well. Normally you would not want to stack single color micarta or G10 but with layered material, it's a natural to stack it as thick as you want.

NOTE: This is not going to be a bright, vivid yellow streak. It will be yellow but it will have some light gray mixed in also where the black bled through in some places during the manufacture process. This doesn't make it broken or bad, it just means it isn't a bright, vivid yellow band layered in between black. Look at the picture and you can see what I am describing. If you look at a bumblebee, you can see the yellow bands aren't all yellow, they have some black mixed in. So does this material.

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