Forging Cable

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Forging Cable

Forging Cable

- 3 pieces

- .68" dia. approximately

- 12" long

This is high carbon wire cable used on a crane and retired after so many hours use. The cable will need to be cleaned of oil and dirt before attempting to forge weld it together.

It is also recommended, but not required,  to weld the loose ends before heating. If you don’t have a welder plan on having loose frayed ends after forging that will need to be trimmed off.

Use plenty of welding flux (Borax 20 Mule Team soap works) during heat and forging.

Most guys will heat and twist the cable to get a tighter pattern. Others will simply hammer it flat to get long lines along the axis. This probably won’t be your “go to” steel or first choice but forging cable Damascus is a great skill to master.



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