Finished Sheath Style #6 - Leather - for knives with blades up to 2” wide by 10" long- Modified

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You're reviewing:Finished Sheath Style #6 - Leather - for knives with blades up to 2” wide by 10" long- Modified
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Sheath Style #6 

     - Leather

     - For knives with blades up to 2” wide by 10" long

- This sheath is a little tighter at the top to fit blades snugger.


We make these sheaths in house so these are Made in the USA. We buy full hides, clicker cut our patterns, sew and finish the sheaths from start to finish in our leather shop.


We have quantity pricing in place for these sheaths. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. For quantities greater than 50, contact us for a custom production quote.


This sheath is made from 8/9oz leather. It is glued and stitched with a welt to protect the blade edge from cutting through the edge depending on the design. We have burnished the edges to give the sheath a more professional look. These are natural or undyed leather. You can dye these any color you prefer using one of our leather dyes. You can even use colored shoe polish. These sheaths will provide years of service as is. 


Note: These sheaths are designed to fit certain style knives but some blade shapes and handles may vary. If the sheath you purchased doesn't fit your knife, return it for a refund or exchange it for another style with no problem. You may want to wet form the sheath to better fit the knife handle to give it a nice, custom fit.


Tip:You can use the sheath exactly as it comes to you. If you prefer, you can add some finishing touches like dye color, wax, edge dye or water repellent acrylic finish like SuperShene.  Finishing the sheaths can be done several ways. You can use shoe polish, which has wax. You can use common furniture paste wax (not the spray stuff) and buff to a shine with a rag. Other finishes available are SuperShene which is an acrylic finish that provides a bright luster shine to leather. A final coat of wax, buffed with a rag will give the leather a great finish.


Tip: To form fit the sheath to your knife, soak the sheath in water until it is dripping wet. Set it aside and let the water run off until the leather is cool and damp. Put your knife into the sheath and using a bone folder, which is nothing more than a slick, round rod made of nearly anything, press the leather into the crease of the knife to wet form (stretch) the leather to mold around the knife. The idea is to mold the leather to form around the knife adding some eye appeal and basically locking the knife into place.


Tip: Dyeing a sheath is easy. Purchase a 4oz bottle of Fiebings leather dye we sell. Moisten the leather slightly with a mister or sponge with plain water pryer to applying the dye. (this helps minimize streaking). Avoid using the wool dauber that comes with the dye, instead use a large sponge or rag. The bigger the pass when applying the dye, the fewer streaks you will have. Wear plastic gloves. Leather dye will stain your hands for days!

 Made in house 2017 


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