Fellhoelter Clip Brake, with (5) 5/32" pins and 1/2" roller

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Fellhoelter Clip Brake
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Clip Brake

With (5) 5/32" pins and 1/2" roller

This Brake puts a nice radius bend in your knife pocket clips. The brake has a 5/32" pin as shown in the picture. It also comes with the 1/2" roller shown.

To use this brake:
1. Place your flat clip in the brake under the pin or roller as shown.
2. Apply heat with a simple propane torch. It doesn't have to be cherry hot. One or two trial runs will teach you the proper temperature as you can feel the metal suddenly soften to allow the bend to set.
3. Bend over while continuing to apply heat.
4. One more second of heat to set the bend.
5. Remove the clip with needle nose pliers and inspect for straightness and the curve radius you want. Adjust while still hot.
6. Set aside to cool.
7. Admire your work.

When I tell you we bend thousands of pocket clip, I am not exaggerating. We use one of these to bend all of the titanium clips we sell.

If you look closely at the bolts, you will see these are fitted to slots so you can adjust the brake clearance for different thicknesses and bend radius. The tool is made from steel and aluminum in the handle insert.

Dave Curtis made our first Brian Fellhoeler designed brake and sold us one to use. After several thousand clips bent, we flat wore it out and needed another one. I thought we could sell a few these to guys that make a lot of folders so I had Dave waterjet a few and sent them to Brian Fellhoelter to machine and finish. Brian machined them and sent us our batch. These came out nice and will be an heirloom lifetime tool. Very high quality.