Eyelets - S-38 Eyelets (premium Siska) 3/16" Black Oxide

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Eyelets are used for Kydex(tm), Concealex(tm), Boltaron(tm) and other thermal molding plastics.

These Eyelets are made of Brass and have a black oxide finish

S-38 specs: Use to join 2-4 pieces of .060" or 2-3 pieces of .090" Kydex

  • fit a 0.187" hole
  • OD tube: 0.182"
  • OD top rim: 0.289"
  • length: .347"
  • use with 3/16 (#6) eyelet die set

You will need a rivet and eyelet setter to get a good finish. Our custom eyelet dies will work even better.

You often hear these referred to as kydex rivets which is technically incorrect but we really don't care about that kind of stuff. These act like rivets when they join material so in one sense it is correct. You may also hear them referred to as tubular rivets.

tip: Using a piece of thin leather or cloth on top of your rivet set (anvil) tool when setting black (or nickel) plated rivets will help reduce scratching the coating.

tip: Generally, when you join 3 more pieces of Conceleax, most sheath makers switch to Post screws. These are also called Chicago screws and we sell them here. I generally use a mixture of both eyelets and post screws on one sheath. I use the post screw(s) to bolt on a sheath clip and also at the throat of the sheath adjust the opening pressure.