Eyelets - Custom Die Arbor Press - Use for our Custom Dies

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Arbor press for dies
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Custom Eyelet Die Arbor Press

  • 1/2 Ton
    • Drilled for use with our custom eyelet die sets
  • NOTE NOTE NOTE: We drill the hole in the Ram and the Anvil to hold the dies but we do not use the index pin in the anvil to line it all up. The anvil (part that holds the bottom die) will float and move around on the press base. The hole in the bottom anvil holding the eyelet die will not line up with the hole in the ram holding the top die. See the video for more on this.

      These 1/2 ton arbor presses are used with the eyelet custom dies we sell. We have done the drilling for you. These arbors will also hold the knifekits.com version eyelet dies. We need to note again, their eyelet dies and our eyelet dies do not come from the same source. They had theirs made, we had ours made. We think ours are better (of course) but we'll leave that up to you.

      We drilled a 3/8"diameter mounting hole in the ram bar and also drilled and tapped a set screw to hold the die in place. We also drilled a mounting hole in the bottom anvil.

      In use, you put a die set into the press, pointy part of the die up. Drill your Kydex or Concealex holes, put the eyelet into the hole, sharp edge down, rounded over edge showing. Slide the pieces to be joined onto the point of the die and line it up with the top die (the bottom anvil is loose). Once you have it all lined up, press down with a short, sharp movement. It took longer to write the directions than it takes to use it.

      Some notes on this arbor press: These are still covered in cosmoline grease and now a few metal shavings from drilling. You will have a little cleaning up to do. The bottom anvil (clover leaf looking part) is not indexed. It slides around loose. You will have to line up the bottom die with the top die in use with every press stroke. The reason for this is this arbor press is not that tight in tolerance and drilling the ram bar and anvil to precisely line up is a machinist job that would be too expensive. In use, this becomes a non-issue but it is worth noting.

      NOTE: Dies are sold separately and are not NOT included.

      The dies will be a tight fit in the Ram bar. There may be a burr to remove from the set screw. Tap the die in and out with a piece of wood and the burr will fall away with one or two uses.