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Evenheat Salt Pot
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Salt Bath Pot 4.5"OD x 22"Deep
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Salt Pots

Evenheat offers a 4" ID salt pot (Schedule 80, 316SS, 4.75" OD) for use with the Salt Bath 718. The Salt Bath 718 will accept salt pots up to 5" ID.  The Salt Bath 818 will accept salt pots in 4", 5" and 6" hole diamters.

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If you intend to provide your own salt pot we recommend fabricating it from 316 stainless steel. 316 is chosen for its relatively better corrosion resistance. You're free to choose another material, but any alternate material must be made of an electrically conductive material.

Evenheat salt pots are designed to extend at least 1-1/2" above the top surface of the kiln lid. This added length allows for placement of the salt pot ground. If you provide your own salt pot please make sure your design includes this feature.

Evenheat salt pots include a 1/4" hole, drilled 3/4" down from the lip of the pot to provide a mounting point for salt pot grounding hardware. Salt pot grounding hardware is all stainless steel and consists of a 1/4-20 x 1" bolt, lockwasher, nut, flatwashers and a wingnut. As the salt pot ground is subject to corrosion, and replacement when necessary, this hardware is very common and readily available from local sources.

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