Elk Skinner Premium Blade Blank SM2

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"Elk" Skinner Premium Blade SM2



- Overall length 5 1/2"
- Blade length 3"
- Blade Thickness 1/8"
-  2 - 5/32" pin holes
- Made of 9CR14 stainless steel
- Hammered finish and sharpened

- Made in Asia


NOTE: These knife blanks are already heat treated and hardened. All you need to do is add a handle and maybe a sheath. We suggest adding a pair of g10 scales in 3/16" or 1/4" thick material for the handle. You could also add some handsome wood scales from our extensive assortment or even from your own stock.



**We now offer made in the USA sheath kits that you can purchase separately to pair with your favorite knife blanks. The recommended sheath for this knife blank is our Sheath Kit #2.

**For those of you who prefer not to make a sheath kit we also offer made in the USA completed sheaths. These completed sheaths are the same as the kits, except assembled for you by us. The sheath(s) for this knife would be Sheath Style #2.

**And for even more convenience we offer fully completed made in the USA sheaths. These sheaths have been dyed brown by us so they are ready to go! The sheath(s) for this knife would be Brown Sheath Style #2.


9CR14 stainless steel is very simial to 440C which is possibly the most popular knife steel in use today. It takes and holds a good edge. It has good corrosion resistance and is tough enough the edge won't chip out. 440C offers a good performing steel at a good price. Finally it can easily sharpened. Don't confuse 440C with lower quality 440A you find on low end knives. 440C is quality steel that has a good balance of edge holding, toughness and corrosion resistance that has stood the test of time.