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Made in the USA

Scale Release Autos

3 hours 10 minutes

This is an updated version of the DVD "How to Build a Scale Release Automatic" that I released back in 2002. While most of my techniques have not changed, today's technology has allowed me to release a higher quality product. 

I originally put this video together because of the lack of information that is available in the area of building automatic knives.

This video covers:

* The principle behind designing your own scale release auto

* The parts and tools used for making the knife

* The methods used to make and fit up all of the knife's parts

* And how to assemble the working knife

Building a scale release auto is an advanced level knifemaking project. It helps to have some experience in building folding knives prior to starting this project. If you have made a lock-back folder, then you are well on your way to building a scale release auto. 

Because of the advanced nature of this project this video does NOT cover:

* How to solder liners and bolsters

* How to grind the bevels and edge on the blade

* How to heat-treat the blade, lock-bar, and back

* And how to clean up the bolsters and scales