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DVD Hand Finishing by Russ Andrews

   Master Smith Russ Andrews demonstrated the techniques for the fine art of hand finishing a knife blade at the ABS Mid-America Bladesmithing Symposium in Troy, Ohio. This video has very clear close ups of Master Smith Andrews at work and Russ provides detailed instruction during his presentation. 


This DVD contains the following Chapters:


1)   Introduction & Plunge Cut Sanding

2)   Initial 120 Grit Blade Sanding

3)   Sanding Clip & False Edge

4)   Next Grit 320 & Aluminum (Al) "Block"

5)   Changing to 500 Grit Paper

6)   Higher Grit Sanding Starting with 800

7)   1200 Grit: Al, Leather, Rubber Blocks

8)   Compliant Block with 1200 Grit Paper

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