DVD - ABS - Kevin Cashen Quillion Dagger

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BVPV-ABS-Quillion Dagger
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DVD Quillon Daggers by Kevin Cashen

  This is an excellent lecture delivered by ABS Master Smith Kevin Cashen at the 4th Mid-America Bladesmithing Exposition in Troy, Ohio. This is a must DVD for both Journeyman Smith's making their art dagger for the Master Smith test and collectors of daggers. 


This DVD contains the following Chapters:

1. Introduction

2. Dagger's Historical Purpose and Use

3. Examples: Classic Daggers

4. Dagger Blade Examples

5. Dagger Handle Fluting Jig

6. Dagger Handle Wire Inlay and Fluting

7. Forging Dagger Blade Issues

8. Grinding Blade, Ring Guards, and Balance

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