DVD - ABS - Joe Kesslar Leather Sheaths

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BVPV-ABS-Leather Sheaths
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DVD Leather Sheaths by Joe Keeslar

ABS Master Smith and author Joe Keeslar demonstrates and explains in detail how to make a leather sheath for a knife. Master Smith Keeslar takes you through all of the steps and uses the tools and supplies needed to make a finished leather sheath.   This DVD was filmed during the Fifth Mid America Bladesmithing Exposition held in Troy, Ohio which was sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc and hosted by the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil.



           1)  Introduction and Sheath Decisions

           2)  Pattern / Template Layout

           3)  Leather and Tools

           4)  Sheath Fabrication

           5)  Finishing Un-Stitched Leather Edges

           6)  Stitching Preparation & Embellishment

           7)  Sheath Stitching & Welt Insertion

           8)  Trimming & Finishing Sheath

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