DVD - Canister Damascus with Steve Schwarzer

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Canister Damascus with Steve Schwarzer

Chapters include:

  • Introduction and Explanation
  • Building the Can
  • Preparing to Weld
  • Shucking the Billet
  • Using the Pattern
  • Etching and Conclusion

Steve Schwarzer is an ABS Mastersmith working out of Crescent City, FL. He's the longest continuous serving Master Bladesmith in the ABS. Steve started forging blades in 1972 and his Master Bladesmith papers were signed by William (Bill) Moran in 1981. Steve's been making knives for over 50 years now and during this time he has developed various methods for working with canister and powder welding damascus. The pattern produced in this video may be quite simple, but the principles can be used to produce virtually any other pattern. This is a great video for anyone wanting to forge canister damascus.

-58 minute run time