DVD - ABS - Butch Sheely on Tomahawks

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Butch Sheely on Tomahawks

DVD Tomahawk Forging by Butch Sheely

Journeyman Smith Forest "Butch" Sheely demonstrates the step by step process of forging a tomahawk. This informative demonstration was well attended at the ABS Mid-America Bladesmithing Symposium in Troy, Ohio.


This DVD contains the following Chapters:


1)   Introduction & Materials

2)   Preparing Fold for Handle Eye

3)   Forge Welding Head & Bit Insert

4)   Peening Blade to “Hawk” Shape

5)   Straightening and Drifting "Hawks" Eye

6)   Flatter “Finished” Blade & Apply Touch mark

7)   Planning & Discussing Blade Profiles

8)   Grinding & Heat Treating Blade

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