DVD - ABS - Jim Crowell - Blade Forging

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BVPV-ABS-Blade Forging
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DVD Blade Forging by Jim Crowell

ABS Master Smith Jim Crowell demonstrates the forging of a drop point hunter at the anvil and explains at the blackboard. This step by step DVD was filmed during the Fifth Mid America Bladesmithing Exposition held in Troy, Ohio which was sponsored by the American Bladesmith Society, Inc and hosted by the Southern Ohio Forge and Anvil. 


   1)  Hand Forged Drop Point Knife

   2)  Forging the Drop Point Blade

   3)  Hand Forging a Narrow Tang                  

   4)  Touch mark Placement & Normalizing

   5)  Power Hammered Clip Point Narrow Tang

   6)  Hand Forge Clip Point Blade's Tip

   7)  Power Forging Tang on Clip Point Knife 

   8)  Power Hammered Drop Point Full Tang Blade