Dexter Russell - GreenRiver Works Sheath Hunter Blade Blank High Carbon

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Dexter Russell - Green River Works 81150-2212


- Overall length 8 1/2"

- Tang thickness .09"

- Tang pin holes are 5/32"

- C1095 High carbon steel

- GreenRiver Works

- Heat treated and ready to finish

The blade profile with the big belly coupled with the long straight edge can make this a skinner in the day and camp kitchen knife in the evening. A style that goes back to the mid 1800's and earlier. The squared off back side of the handle will give you plenty of grip in your two smallest fingers -- where your knife holding strength is. If you need a blade that looks like it came out of a cowboy movie, this is it. Consider this blade blank for cowboy action shooting, rendezvous and other period activities. If you just want a hard user that won't break the bank, this can be it too.


**We now offer made in the USA sheath kits that you can purchase separately to pair with your favorite knife blanks. The recommended sheath(s) for this knife blank would be Sheath Kit #3 and Sheath Kit #14.

**For those of you who prefer not to make a sheath kit we also offer made in the USA completed sheaths. These completed sheaths are the same as the kits, except assembled for you by us. The sheath(s) for this knife would be Sheath Style #3 and Sheath Style #14.

**And for even more convenience we offer fully completed made in the USA sheaths. These sheaths have been dyed brown by us so they are ready to go! The sheath(s) for this knife would be Brown Sheath Style #3 and Brown Sheath Style #14.


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