Damasteel- Ladder Pattern- .125" Thick x 1 5/16" Wide x 5" Long

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Damasteel Piece

  • Ladder
  • .125" thick x 1.3125" wide x 5" long

Heat Treat: Preheat forge or heat treat oven to 1475-1500 F. Place blade in heat source with edge up and allow to cycle back to 1475-1500 F. Soak for 5 minutes, then quench in a fast quench heat treating oil. Temper at 400 F twice, allowing to cool to room temperature in between cycles of 1 hour each.

Etching & Finishing: Finish blade with a sharp belt only, taking to at least 400 grit. After a thorough wash with mild dish soap, fully submerge your piece in etching solution of 1 part ferric chloride to 4 parts distilled water - for 1 minute only. Remove from acid and rinse with clean water - using a 1200 grit wet/dry sand paper or 0000 steel wool, gently rub the entire piece. Dip back in the acid bath for 5 minutes this time. Keep repeating this process until the desired etch is achieved. Neutralize with tri sodium phosphate or ammonia.

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