CPM 10V *Surface Ground HRA .156" - see length note

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CPM 10V *Surface Ground HRA .156" x 1.5" - see length note
CPM 10V *Surface Ground HRA .156" x 4" - see length note
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We buy this in 36" lengths and sell it in 12", 24" and 36"lengths.

If you buy 1ea, you will get a stick 12" long by the width and thickness shown.

If you buy 2, you will get a bar that is 24" in legnth.

If you buy 3, you will get a bar that is 36" in legnth.

**If you buy 2 or 3 and want 12" length pieces, please specify in the comments section that you would like them cut into 12" pieces.

**Advertised price is for 1qty 12" piece

Note: CPM bar stock normally comes with a very hard black exterior from the foundry. This bar stock has been surface ground to specified thickness plus .010". This means the black foundry scale has been ground off the steel leaving a raw steel finish. It is not precision ground but the thickness is going to be fairly close to the specified thickness.

CPM 10V Typical Composition

Carbon 2.45%

Manganese 0.50%

Silicon 0.90%

Chromium 5.25%

Molybdenum 1.30%

Vanadium 9.75%

CPM®10V®was the first in the family of high vanadium tool steels made by the Crucible® Particle Metallurgy process. Crucible® engineers optimized the vanadium content to provide superior wear resistance while maintaining toughness and fabrication characteristics comparable to D2 and M2. Since its introduction in 1978, CPM® 10V® has become recognized world-wide and sets the standard for highly wear resistant industrial tooling. Its exceptional wear resistance and good toughness make it an excellent candidate to replace carbide and other highly wear resistant materials in cold work tooling applications, particularly where tool toughness is a problem or where cost effectiveness can be demonstrated.


Preheat: Heat to 1500-1550°F (815-845°C), Equalize. Second pre-heat stage at 1850-1900°F (1010-1040°C) suggested for vacuum or atmosphere hardening.

Austenitize: 1850-2150°F (1010-1175°C), hold time at temperature 30-45 minutes.

Quench: Air or positive pressure quench (2 bar minimum) to below 125°F (50°C), or salt or interrupted oil quench to about 1000°F(540°C), then air cool to below 125°F(50°C). Salt bath treatment, if practical, will ensure maximum attainable toughness for a given hardening treatment. Vacuum or atmosphere quench rate through 1850-1300°F (1010-705°C) range is critical to achieve optimum heat treat response.

Temper: Double temper at 1000°F (540°C) minimum. 2 hours minimum each time.

CPM, 1V, 3V, 9V, 10V, 15V, S90V, S110V, and S125V are registered trademarks of Crucible Industries LLC