Counterbore 5/16" w/ 3/32" pilot hole

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Interchangeable Pilot Counterbore

-5/16" Cutting diameter

- 3/32" hole for pilot

- 2 piece construction (pilot sold seperately)

- High Speed Steel


Counterbores are used to cut a pocket or recess that is centered over an existing hole. In knifemaking they are used to make the heads of screws, pivots, etc sit flush in surrounding material or to cut pockets for the heads of corby bolts and other handle fasteners.

Interchangeable pilot counterbores can be used with multiple different sizes of pilot. This allows you to pick a counterbore and pilot combination that suits your needs. The pilot will fit into hole in the end of the counterbore and is held in place with a set screw.

To choose the counterbore and pilot you need, look for a pilot the same diameter as the through hole and a counterbore the diameter of the pocket you need to cut. Make sure the shank size of the pilot matches the hole size in the counterbore so the two parts will fit together.


Pilots that work with this Counterbore: