Cord Lock Wheel 2 strand for up to 1/8" cord (paracord)

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Cord Lock - Wheel

These cord locks will work with one or two strands of paracord. These provide a much firmer lock against a pulling force than barrel spring locks do. These are designed so that as you pull, the cord lock gets tighter.

With two strands simply thread them both through, pull tight and slide the inner wheel lock towards the narrow end. With one strand, simply thread the lock and tie a knot in the tag end as shown in the picture. Typical uses for 1 strand would be tarp or tent tie downs. Typical uses for two strands would be back packs or draw cord closures. Very handy.

You might use these with a Glow in the Dark cord end on a lanyard.

These come as two parts. The black outer housing the white inner wheel. This makes it easier to thread your cord through. Thread your cord through the housing and snap the inner wheel into place from the big end. It's very easy.