Carbon Fiber & Blue G10 3/16" - Knife Handle Material

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Carbon Fiber & Blue G10 3/16"x1.5"x6" Pair of Scales
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Carbon Fiber layered G10

  • 2x2 Layers
  • Layered with Blue
  • 3/16" Thickness
*NOTE: If you purchase 12"x12" Or 12"x24" Sheet there could be a lead time depending on In Stock Quantities. This G10 has 2x2 layers (2 layers of glass mat and carbon fiber mat alternating) of G10. This stuff is amazing. In the picture you can see a raw grind at 120 grit and then I buffed up another side. It buffs up very nice.

Tip: Try different buff compounds with G10 or Micarta. Some work better than others.
Avoid starting with a clash color such as black compound with white (or light) G10 for example. Once a clashing color gets embedded into some G10 or Micarta, you have to sand it out.
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