Cam-Stop adjustable stop pin for .156" thick blade

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-1/8" shoulder boss using 2-56 screws (not included)

-.156" major (grip) diameter for a 1/8" blade and 2ea .015" thick washers

These are adjustable stop pins for liner locks or other style folding knives that require fitting the blade to the lock mechanism. Generally, these are going to be used on liner lock style knives. So, what's the big deal?

These have an off center cam lobe that will adjust to tighten up the lock up in seconds flat by swiveling the cam around snug up against the blade and tighten it into place. This takes all the trial and error fitting a lock up out of the picture. Get your blade lock face roughed in to the lock bar, spin the Cam-Stop until the lock up is where you want it, tighten it down.These use a 2-56 screw to hold them in place (not included).

You should be able to reduce setting your lock up to just a minute or so. You can also adjust the lock up to early, medium or late lock up by adjusting the cam. These have been in use for nearly a year and we have found they do not spin out adjustment under use. Try one and you may never go back to hand fitting a lock again. We've talked to a few mid-tech makers that set hundreds of lock faces and they tell us it takes anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes to set a lock up. The CamStop adjusts in seconds saving time and time is money.

If you are new liner lock maker, this takes all the pain out of setting a lock up.

We designed the first two sizes to handle a 1/8" blade or 5/32" blade/washer stack. These have shoulder bosses on both ends for additional strength vs. just a screw holding a pin in place. We will be adding additional "grip" sizes after we get additional feedback. We can make custom runs to your specifications in lot's of 500 or more. Send us an email for a quote.

Inventor Jim Allen of Three Sisters Forge has a patent applied for so you won't see any in production or available anywhere else.

We have quantity pricing in place on these.

Patent : U.S. Application Serial No. 14/656,777


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