Buffing Wheel Sisal w/Muslin 8" dia 5/8" arbor 1/4" sewn

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Made in the USA

8" Sewn buff wheel  Sisal with Muslin Cotton layers

5/8" Arbor   1/2" thick    8" diameter    1/4" sewn

Combination Sisal and Muslin sewn in layers make this wheel cut and remove scratches fast while the mulsin holds you compound. Use these wheels first to remove grinding scratches and then switch to full cotton muslin wheels after a few passes with these.

These buff wheels are spiral sewn 1/4" to 1/2". Great quality - American made. You can 'gang' 2 or 3 of these together for a thicker buff.

NOTE:2 buff wheels are shown in the picture for illustration purposes only. These buffs are priced in singles.

Tip: Have a different buff wheel for each kind of compound you use. Also keep one for wax and another one is free from any compound at all. Use a Sharpie to mark on the side of the buff wheel which compound it is for and also the direction of rotation.


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