Buff Compound Green Chrome SS-308 - 3lb (approx) Bar High Color Polish

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Green Buffing Compound

Green Chrome Buffing Compound

Final cut and color bar.

This is going to be the driest, less grease/wax

Will bring steel, aluminum and chrome to a complete and bright finish. The green oxide will produce a very high polishing power.

Use this bar first with a muslin cotton buff wheel to remove very small scratches or haze and also to bring color and luster with this final polish. If you want a fine mirror finish on your blade or bolster, this is the compound to use as your final polish. American made.

Tip: Have a different buff wheel for each kind of compound you use. Also keep one for wax and another one is free from any compound at all. Use a Sharpie to mark on the side of the buff wheel which compound it is for and also the direction of rotation.

 Made in the USA


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