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Keen Kutter Pocket Knives

by Alvin Sellens

Book Description

Keen Kutter is the most respected name in cutlery collectibles and pocket knives. This comprehensive volume contains a complete listing, detailed description, date, and value for every Keen Kutter pocket knife shown in Simmons Hardware Company catalogs since the adoption of the Wedge and Bar Keen Kutter logo in 1905. Here are Outing, Scouting and Cigar Cutter pocket knives; New England Whalers, California Budding knives, Kattle, Electrician, Physicians, and Karpenter knives plus many more. Illustrated with over 1100 original catalog illustrations, this volume is destined to become the pocket knife collector's bible. The descriptions are taken directly from Simmons catalogs. General descriptions of the parts of a Keen Kutter pocket knife are provided for each numbered knife. The book is the definitive guide to Keen Kutter pocket knives.

Size: 6" x 9"

Illustrations: 1163 black & white

Pages: 224

Binding: Soft Cover