Book - How I Pour Babbitt Bearings by Vincent R Gingery

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How I Pour Babbitt Bearings

Written by Vincent R. Gingery

Published by David J. Gingery Publishing, LLC


     - 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Paper Back Booklet

     - Staple Bound

     - 48 Pages


Many of us get a great deal of satisfaction from restoring old tools, machinery and automobiles that are destined for the scrap yard. We find that there is a lot of old, heavily built machinery built to last still available at scrap prices. Often all that is required to put these old machines in working order is cleaning and painting individual parts and re-pouring the Babbitt bearings.

This little booklet contains the basic information you need to melt and pour, in other words restore Babbitt bearings. Topics include: bearing metal requirements, Babbitt availability, safety, cleaning the shell, anchoring the Babbitt, tinning, set up, melting, preheating, pouring and finishing the bearing etc.

ISBN 1-878087-24-X