BladeBond Ultra Kit - 4oz

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BladeBond Ultra Kit - 4oz



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- 4oz


The Flagship adhesive of the BladeBond lineup, BladeBond Ultra is an unadulterated high performance Polyamine based epoxy system designed to give superior results under the most extreme conditions. BladeBond Ultra exhibits outstanding permanence on a wide variety of surfaces including hard to bond substrates like oily woods. BladeBond Ultra will NEVER shrink and is formulated to retain a high degree of  flexibility under all environmental circumstances. Ultra is measured and mixed in a convenient 1:1 ratio by volume, and has a potlife of 45 min, at 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Usable cure is achieved in 12 hours, but can be force cured at 125 degrees in 2 hours.. When fully cured BladeBond Ultra can can be machined, drilled and tapped, and is totally immune to,and unaffected by water, rot and most common solvents and chemicals

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