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- Edge-15

- 4oz or 8oz


BladeBond Edge is a quick curing alternative to the Ultra formulation. The Edge system is measured and mixed in a convenient 1:1 ratio, and offers a full 15 min. of working time before it starts to set up. This extended cure cycle gives the knife maker an extra 10 minutes for adjustments and cleanup over the more common 5 minute formulations on the market. BladeBond Edge is a premium product containing no excessive diluents like many of the fast curing formulations sold at the "big box" stores. And like the Ultra formula, it exhibits high permanence and flexability under extreme environmental conditions with zero shrinkage. NOTE: Due to its Mercaptin based hybrid hardener, the Edge formula is highly water resistant, it is NOT waterproof. We do not recommend Edge for applications where the knife will see prolonged exposure to water. Lack of 100% waterproofness is common to all mercaptin based "quick cure" epoxy formulations.