Black Robin Knife Maker's Anvil

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Black Robin Knife Maker's Anvil
Back Side Black Robin Knife Maker's Anvil Black Robin Anvil Ball bearing bounce test Tracy's Anvil and the stand he built for the shop

Keith Johnson and I worked on an anvil project. He did all the work and I cheered him on. Teamwork.

We decided to make a small run of knife makers anvils. These are styled after the Sea Robin anvils. I have a Sea Robin and love it. All the mass is centered with 4 sharp edges to hammer near.

The steel is 1045 and 5x5x12”. The total weight is 93lbs. A 1/4” plate/base is welded to the bottom.

The owner will need to make a stand out of vertical 4x4”s to the height they prefer and attach it via the holes in the bottom plate.

I've attached a photo of the stand I built for the one back in my shop here.

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