Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor

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Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor
Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor

Black Fox One Full Grinder with Motor

The Black Fox ONE is designed for custom knife makers, general fabrication, woodworking, and precision material removal. Black Fox ONE can be easily positioned for horizontal or vertical grinding, eliminating the need for a separate horizontal grinder. The dual tooling arm makes customizing the tooling height and belt change easy. The innovative contact platen in combination with the custom positioning allows you to quickly go between stock removal to profiling to precision flat or hollow grinding.  Comes with a 2 HP motor and a motor controller.

What makes the BlackFox One stand-out:

1. Easily switch between horizontal and vertical grinding within seconds (Locks in place with no tools required)

2. Lift assist. Only requires 10 lbs max to move the grinder from the horizontal to vertical position

3. Integrated motor control

4. Auxiliary ports for customization

5. Forward/Stop/Reverse is standard

6. Oversized 1/2" drive plate


1. Flat platen with glass

2. 2 - 1.5" Sq tooling arms

3. Work rest for vertical grinding

4. 2 HP motor (3600rpm)

5. VFD (motor speed controller)

6. On/Off & Forward/Stop/Reverse

7. 5" drive wheel & 4" tracking wheel

8. Gas tension spring for constantly applied pressure

9. Positioning assist spring

10. Tool less arm adjustment

11. Use the industry standard 1.5” tooling arm

12. Vertical or horizontal positioning

13. Fabricated and assembled in the Pacific Northwest.

Ships within 3-4 business days.

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