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Ballistol 16oz can with trigger sprayer included.

  • For hand loaders: BALLISTOL is an excellent case sizing lubricant. Cases won't get stuck in the reloading dies and when you wipe them off, they will be cleaned of dirt and oxide.

I bought some of this oil after reading about it on the net and how well it worked. This stuff is amazing. I use a can in the knife shop for cutting oil, rust prevention, cleaning and of course lubricating. I keep another can in the garage for everything there too. I do not use WD-40 any more or any other lube for that matter.

Here's the pitch from the Ballistol guys....BALLISTOL can be used to lubricate practically anything on and around cars, boats, motorcycles etc.. If it squeaks, if it binds - BALLISTOL it. Since BALLISTOL is not toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic substances, it is safe for use inside a car or boat, in areas where people might touch it. Since it becomes practically odorless approximately 20 minutes after application, its smell will not be a nuisance to people traveling in a vehicle. You can lubricate practically any material with BALLISTOL. This amazing product can be used on all metals and all plastics. Zippers on convertibles ( Jeep etc.), door hinges, locks, antennas, switches, threads on lugs and nuts, adjustable seats, sliding car windows etc. can be lubricated with BALLISTOL.

BALLISTOL is a far better lubricant than most, if not all, other so-called gun oils. One of the worst sins of most common "gun oils" is that they gum up and harden relatively fast. They become sticky and gluey and can dangerously interfere with the proper mechanical function of a firearm. BALLISTOL WILL POSITIVELY NEVER GUM UP OR HARDEN.

Most lubricants do not mix with water. They separate from water and thus lose their capability to lubricate in the presence of water. Not so with BALLISTOL. BALLISTOL can also be applied to things that are already wet, even soaked, including plastics, wood and leather. emulsifies with water and is, therefore, capable of lubricating in the presence of water, like a boring or cutting oil.