Atlas Firestorm Dual Burner Forge

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Atlas Firestorm Forge

***These will be shipped direct from the manufacture***

Requires Two Propane Tanks To Operate

Need a simple blacksmithing forge?  This is the forge for you.  With a 6″ diameter x 15″ long chamber, the Firestorm 2-burner has plenty of room for horseshoes, scroll work, and other blacksmithing staples.

The Firestorm 2-Burner (FS2) forge uses Plicast CG LWI cast refractory, cured and baked for 6 hours at 450°F.  Ready to use right out of the box and it will last much longer than wool based forges.

Want to weld in your forge, but aren’t comfortable with fluxless welding yet?  We recommend a bag of Plibrico’s Tuff Mix.  It is rock hard and virtually immune to flux.  Mix with a little water and form a flux proof bottom. (sold separately)

We include a bag of Plistix 900f.  Although not required for use, this easy-to-apply refractory is painted on the inside of the chamber and improves efficiency.  Simply mix with water, wet the chamber with a damp rag and paint the 900f on.


We also improved the construction level of this forge.  With 1/8″ thick stainless tubing, TIG welded end plates, and a tough, cast refractory shell, it’s built to last!  Heck, we even managed to make the toolrest stronger.

And to top it all off, we want to help you get started forging so we partnered with Admiral Steel to include a sample piece of their 1075 steel.  It’s ideal for forging a knife and takes a great edge.



Chamber measures 6″ diameter × 15″
Full pass through chamber
Max temp of 2300° F
470+ BTU per cubic inch
Hot enough to forge weld!
Welded leg plates with integrated toolrest holder


  • Forge w/ adjustable sliding tool rest
  • Two 20 PSI regulators w/hoses (Requires two propane tanks to operate)
  • Two 100k venturi burners
  • 8 oz Plistix 900f (not required for use)

Some assembly required

Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 14 in