Antique Stain 8oz

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Antique Stain 8oz SMMS-TL-2607-03~Antique-Gel-Stain-Med-Brown- SMMS-TL-2607-03~Antique-Gel-Stain-Med-Brown-

Tandy Antique Stain 8 oz Med Brown - 22071-03

Will highlight your stamping and carving. Great for use in schools, hospitals and institutions. Safe, water-based stain is easy to use and clean up. Use #3447-00 Sponge to apply the stain. Be sure sponge is damp and rub briskly. Rub all excess stain off with another sponge. Let it dry and then apply #22002 Super Shene with #3445 Dauber. Leather working tools and supplies for sheaths and holsters.

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