Alumilite Dye - Complete Set

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Alumilite Dye - Complete Set

1 ounce of each color:

Translucent colors include green*, yellow, red, blue, brown, orange, violet, and ocean blue.

*Note that Green translucent dye is not compatible with epoxy chemistry and will shift to a blue color. This is due in part to chemistry, but also due to a shift in hues (yellowing) over time of epoxy, causing changes in color. 

Opaque colors include white, black, flo red, flo orange, flo yellow, flo pink, flo green. Some translucency can be achieved by adding an incredibly small amount of these dyes to clear resin.


Use Alumilite dye to color your casting resin. Can be used in the water clear resin to make a translucent colored casting. The dyes are added to the "A" side by weight up to 5%.