80CRV2 Bar Stock Steel - .268" x 1.25" x 9" - END CUT

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80CRV2 Bar Stock Steel .268" Thickness, 1.25" Wide, 9" Long - END CUT

A tough knife steel suitable for forging or grinding and performing your own heat treating.


HRA (hot rolled and annealed)

Pickled (an acid bath that removes surface junk)


C .75 - .85

Si .15 - .35

Mn .30 - .50

Cr .40 - .60

V .15 - .25


Austenitizing temp 1545F – 1615F

Oil Quench – Parks AAA or similar medium fast oil


80CrV2 is a low alloy tool steel.

A good all-around economical forging steel that has been compared to 1080+, 1084vg, 5160, L2 and sometimes W2. When compared to that many different steels, it might be in it’s own class. 


Makers new to forging will appreciate it’s easy heat treat process.

This steel will show a hamon but not as detailed as say W2.


Give this steel a couple normalizing cycles before quench for grain refinement.


For Quench, take to 1525F and soak for 3 to 5 minutes.

Quench in 11-12 second oil.


Bestar Data sheets show

60HRC for a temper at 390F

57HRC for temper at 480F

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