4800KC Powdered Metal Fine Mesh 5lbs

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4800kc Powdered Steel - fine mesh 5lbs

4% Nickel and 0.8% Carbon content

For volume reference, the cans pictured are 1 quart and they are 7/8's full.

Powdered metal is used for making canister and canoe damascus. Heat treat just like you would 1084, 1095, 15N20 and other steels commonly used in making damascus. The 4600kc and 4800kc powder is used for the bright layers of your damascus as the nickel content will resist your etch process.

Note that pure nickel isn't a great edge holding material,but since 4600kc and 4800kc contain 0.8% Carbon they will harden and perform like 15N20 steel.