4140 Round Stock Steel

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4140 Cold Drawn Annealed 2"
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4140 is a lower carbon alloy steel that is extremely tough steel great for making hammers

This round stock is sold in 12" pieces

This steel is Cold Drawn (CR) and comes fully annealed

Chemical Properties of our 4140 alloy:

C = .38/.43

Cr = .30/.50

Mo = .15/.25

Mn = .75/1.0

Si = .15/.3

S =0.040 max

P = 0.035 max 


Heat Treatment for 4140 Carbon Steel

 Austenitizing temp 1550 to 1600°F  

Quench in Parks AAA

Temper 400°F twice for 2 hours each time. Cool to room temperature in between tempers.

This Should give a hardness of 50HRC