3M *Feathering Adhesive 5oz tube

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3M Brand Feathering Adhesive


-The adhesive has a special tack than can be used several times before it has to be refreshed.
-We use this adhesive to mount 9"x11" sheets onto our 9" disc grinder and then trim off the excess with a sharp knife. We save around 10% of the cost of abrasives this way since 9"x11" sheets are approximately 10% cheaper than 9" discs.


Use this 3M brand feathering adhesive to mount non-PSA discs onto your disc grinder or flat sheets onto your flat plate. Put the adhesive on your disc, mount the abrasive, use it and then change the abrasive grit by removing the disc and attaching a new disc all with out adding more adhesive -- and you can go back and reuse the first disc since it wasn't destroyed when you removed it.

Don't forget to get the 3M Adhesive cleaner to clean up your disc grinder plate when you need to start with a fresh clean surface.