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Links to Knife Makers and Forums

Links to Knife Makers and Forums

Links to Knife Makers and Forums

A place for knife makers and knife related services to post information about their knives or what not. If you want a free spot in our listings, send me an email and we'll work it out. tracy@usakms.com



Insane about knives and lot's of other things....You have to see it to believe it.... (no sissy's allowed)

Grab a helmet, click the link and get in the game....




I was born in 1947 and have always enjoyed crafting things with my hands. I enjoy fishing, woodcarving, knife making, and engraving. I made my first knife in 1994. Until now I have only made knives and engraved as a hobby. I have shifted most of my efforts to persue the craft I enjoy the most - engraving. I started engraving in 1995 and plan to retire as a full time engraver in 10 to 12 years.
I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi were I attended high school and college. After college, I was drafted into the United States Army and did my active duty in Germany from 1969 to 1971. My wife Judy and I have two children Brad and Brian. I am employed at Hemphill Construction, Inc. as a construction superintendent.



I'm Freddy Ramos. I reside in Northern New Jersey but I was born & raised in New York City. Being an outdoors person I have always been into knives.  I didn't get into customiszing knives until about ten years ago. I took apart a buck 119, and added a stag handle. It came out very good. I found a buyer and boom! I was hooked.
I would take apart Buck 110's and creat inlayed handles. My customers kept coming back.
I got into making sheaths about 3 years ago out of necessity. First, I hated the sheaths some of my knives came in. And second, I started making custom fixed blade knives and I needed custom sheaths for them. I read anything I could get my hands on regarding making leather sheath's. I cought on quick! I started selling my sheaths and the responce that I got was great.
I started ramoscustoms.com a few months ago and it's a work in progress. I still sell knives, but I specialize in custom leather sheaths. Each one of my sheaths are custom made to order, so no two are ever alike. Although only a few styles are dispalyed on my site at the moment, I make sheaths for any knife.
 My nitch? I offer horse hide as well as cow hide.
Horse hide is not as thick as cow hide, but more dence & just as strong. It has a rubbery feel that's unique.

"I'm Frank Hunter and I am a knifemaker from Lewistown, Montana.  As a full time maker my knives are the absolute best that I can produce.  My work runs the course from small caping knives to fillet and hunters, defensive carry tantos and traditional Bowie knives.
I utilize everything from high carbon steels to modern stainless including CPM grades.  All knives include a sheath and currently all custom work is done entirely in house by myself, from rough profiling to final digitally controlled furnace heat treatment and leatherwork.  The majority of my consumables and knife shop necessities are purchased through USAKnifemaker.com and I have to hand it to Tracy and the crew for being such a comprehensive resource."

Gary Griffin:

I have been studying the martial arts and knife making for over 20 years. I have also enjoyed a lifetime of hunting, fishing, and backpacking in the magnificent Oregon Cascade range and the Eastern Oregon Outback.
My knife designs are based on my Martial and Outdoor experiences.
All of my designs are hand forged and are one of a kind I do not use jigs or patterns. I use recycled 5160 spring steel for my blades and do my own differential tempering. I make all different types of knives and swords, tactical, utilitarian, historical reproductions and pure customs.

Once a Cowboy - Always a Cowboy!


Andersen Forge, the home of KBA Knives!

I think the first thing is to tell you a little bit about myself.
I was fortunate enough to have been taken along on enough of my Father's outings, that my love for the outdoors was acquired at a rather early age, and hopefully, will last a lifetime.
I spent many evenings in the basement re-loading shells for the next day of dove shooting, or the next fox hunting adventure! With my father, I learned that the end of the trip was not the goal! Part of the pleasure was simply HOW you got there! I learned how to hand-craft arrows, sharpen knives, catch my own bait, build a small camp fire, and always, ALWAYS! never harvest what you weren't going to eat!
But most of all, enjoy yourself, and get dirty!

In 1996, I picked up a knife magazine at the grocery store, and have been addicted to making knives ever since! After a LOT of trial and error, I arrived at that point,  where I was proud to offer my knives to anyone who also enjoyed the outdoors, or simply enjoyed the fruits of hand-craftsmanship. Andersen Forge

Since that time, I have been doing all I can to learn knife design and construction. And it has been a worthwhile adventure, indeed!

My adventure continued in 2004 into the realm of the forged blade. In July of 2004 I was a graduate of the Bill Moran School of Bladesmithing,  having taken the Bladesmithing Course offered in conjunction with Texarkana College as part of their continuing education. For those uninformed, it takes place in Washington, Arkansas, and is instructed by members of the American Bladesmith Society who have attained Master Bladesmith rank. I studied for two weeks with Bailey Bradshaw and Bruce Fuller.

In the Summer of 2005, I attended Ed Fowler's "Seminar of the High Performance Blade", at his Willow Bow Ranch in Riverton, Wyoming. I had the extreme pleasure of working with not only Mr. Fowler, (Ed), but also with his Instructors, Journeyman Smiths Bill Burke and Eldon Perkins. Butch Devereaux was also there to lend his expertise, and it was appreciated!

I have spent COUNTLESS hours in the cyber world learing from other makers and taking this into the real world in my shop.

I just recently returned from a weekend spent with Don Fogg, Kevin Cashen, Tim Zowada, Jim Siska, to name a few, at the Ashokan Knifemaker's Seminar. What I learned will manifest itself in my knifemaking for years to come!

I have also had the extreme fortune to meet and become a bothersome "understudy" of world class Damascus and Knifemaker Jerry Rados. Put simply, Jerry has forgotten more about kifemaking than most makers will ever learn. Jerry has taught me many things in the years I have known him, and they can be seen often in the knives I produce. The one lesson that stands above them all is, in his words, "Every knife you make, make it the best you can!"  

All knives from my workshop are entirely crafted by myself from beginning concept to the end result, right down to the last hand-stitch in the wet-molded sheath! I am proud to put my name on every knife that comes out of my workshop. 

I do not make collectors knives, I make working, everyday, useable knives for the outdoor enthusiast.

My handle materials range from a wide variety of man-made materials, antler and bone, ivory,  to some particularly rare hard woods from around the world.

All knives come with a hand-stitched, wet molded sheath, which is waterproofed. Each sheath is wet-molded around the specific knife for which it is intended. Each knife fits in its sheath snuggly! REMEMBER: A KNIFE THAT FITS LOOSELY IN ITS SHEATH IS A DULL KNIFE!!!!

Knives shown on these pages are now in the hands, and on the belts, of their proud owners. This site will change, from time to time, with the addition of new knives as they get completed. Any handle material can be inter-changed with any knife - within reason!

If you would like any pictures sent directly to you, or if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me at  Karl@kbaknives.com.

Again thank you for your interest!

Karl B. Anderson

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Stop by Great Lakes WaterJet for estimates on cutting out your design knife blanks. CAD drawings for your design are no charge.




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Matthew D Walker
I've worked as a dynamite man, construction and land surveyor, firefighter and
some other things. For the past dozen or so years I have been full time as an artist 
blacksmith pursuing an interest in working with metal that started over 20 years
ago. Experiments with pattern-welded steel started with the encouragement of
my knifemaker friends. Making steel for others has allowed me a lot more practice
in damascus than if I tried to do complete knives, for which I don't think I have the 
necessary patience. I don't generally stock patterns or sizes but prefer to somewhat
make to order. In other words, if you think you would like to try my steel contact me 
with what you have in mind (layer count and pattern). I will make a piece as close as
I can then e-mail you a photo and price without obligation. If you would like to be 
notified when a finished bar is available send an email to mattsdamascus@yahoo.com
Sometimes I experiment or get ahead of my regular customers.
We, J.& Tess Neilson, work from our homestead-style farm in the endless mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania.  Here, we have beenable to develop our longtime interests in knife making and leather craft into more than just a hobby.  The quiet setting and scarcity of neighbors is the perfect background to allow us to develop our skills.  We put a great deal of effort into our wares and take considerable pride in the finished products.  

     All aspects of the knife making are done by J., using both forging and stock removal methods, including on site heat treating and damascus making. We offer fixed blade knives, mostly bowies,  daggers, hunter/skinner styles, everyday carry and historic replicas. We are slowly entering the world of slip-joint/lock-back folders and swords as well.

Each fixed blade knife comes with a custom fitted sheath.  The leather work is done by Tess using a variety of leathers, both domestic and exotic. Each sheath is designed for a specific knife using custom carving, tooling, inlays, etc. Being able to hand Tess a finished knife and have her match the sheath to that piece makes for a much more complete set. As opposed to just a knife with a sheath.    

     We spend much of our time working on custom orders, however, we are continuously changing our line of  ?in stock? items.  If you are looking for something special, we invite you to inquire about it.


J. Neilson

RR2 Box 16, Scouten Rd.

Wyalusing, PA 18853

Phone: (570) 746-4944

"New E-Mail Address".........  Email: mountainhollow@epix.net




My Great Grandfather, Hiram Hensarling, was a blacksmith, in Madisonville, Texas, from the late 1800's through about 1920. Ever since I can remember I've been interested in working hot steel with hammer and anvil.

About 1988 I started experimenting with forging knives. These early examples were mostly done from railroad spikes. They always sold very well in my shop, however they are mostly a novelty, or letter opener at best.

Over the last few years I have refined my abilities and interests in bladesmithing, and have been making fixed blade knives and folding or "pocket" knives. For the fixed blade knives, I make my own Damascus (aka Pattern Welded) steel, using a combination of high carbon steels, like 1095, and steels with a good nickel contrast, such as 15N20. The combination of these types of steels produces beautiful blades after the forging operations.

I also produce blades using what is known as the "stock removal" method. This quite literally means removing excess material from a piece of steel, using files, grinders, etc. until it has the blade shape I desire.

I do all of my own heat treating, using both hot oils, and a Lindbergh heat treat oven, and finish the process by tempering the heat treated blade. I use a Rockwell hardness tester, and strive for a hardness suitable to the blade steel I am using at the time.

For my folding knives, I use titanium sheet for what's known as the "liners", and Damascus or high carbon steel for the blades. For the handles on folding knives, referred to as scales, I use highly figured Mesquite burl that I process myself or Mammoth Ivory. Mammoth Ivory is found in the certain areas of Siberia and Alaska, during the spring and summer seasons. Most of it is 15,000 to 20,000 years old or older. There is no ban on this Ivory, since the Mammoths have been extinct for thousands of years. It has a beautiful array of colors and textures, from off-white, to a dark tan/brwon, and even blue tones. The area in front of the scales on a folding knife is called a "bolster". It is usually metal, but can also be wood or Mammoth ivory. For my folding knife bolsters I normally use Damascus that I've produced myself, but occasionally purchase other highly figured Damascus patterns from artists that make highly specialized patterns. I am also experimenting with real iron Meteorite as bolster material. There are several knifemakers using this material and it has a unique pattern called Widmanstatten.

Prices vary for folders and fixed blade knives. Hensarling knives are built one at a time, by me alone, in my shop in Uvalde, Texas. The type of material that goes into the knife, and the time it takes me to make it, are what determines the price of the finished piece. I try to have several knives on hand, however currently I'm developing a backlog of orders.

Should you be interested in acquiring one of my pieces, please email me with your interests, and I'll get back to you with a projected price and completion time.

Robert is a paid member of the:

American Bladesmith Society
Texas Custom Knifemakers Association



I have been making knives since 1999, primarily stock removal (stainless steels) but also forged. All are fixed blades. I am working on folders but I?ll need to make a few more before I think they are ready to sell. Soon though.

Currently I do not take commission orders. This frees me up to explore new techniques and styles of knives I would not other wise get the chance to. Watch the web site for new knives for sale.

 My first 75 knives were destructive tested, given away to friends and relatives or raffled for charity. Some I just keep in a drawer or I use in the shop. I couldn't bring myself to selling my knives until I was satisfied they were good enough.

 My goals are simple. Make each knife better than the last one and learn and master every aspect of knife making I can.




My father made a Bowie type knife with a stacked leather handle that motivated me to search for a design and try my hand. In a book called "knives and knife makers" (by Sid Latham), I saw a drop point hunting knife by Rod Chappel. I tried to make a knife similar and boy did it fail. That effort took me one year. But, once the bug had bit, I was hooked. The next couple of knives were both boot daggers and while not particularly fancy, they were both decent efforts for a new untutored teenage knife maker. My dad still has that 3rd knife and he loves it.

After I started my military career (FT Bragg 1980), I made my 4th knife in the closet of a very small mobile home. That's right, a closet. I clamped the knife blank to the floor of the closet and filed the blade into a combat knife for myself. it took me months to complete. Once I was done, and I liked the knife, I showed it to a military store and they put it under the glass and a week later, they sold the knife for $80. I was very excited.

Since that time, I have made more knives for gifting than for sale. My family seems to like it.

I have made knives for the kitchen, hunting, combat, fishing, survival and one Japanese style (I sure wish I took a photo of it).

I currently live in Bonney Lake Washington.

I started my military career as a combat medic then retrained as a Special Forces Medical NCO and retired as a Special Forces Operations NCO with 20 years in SF and nearly 30 years time in service earning the Legion of Merit. I've deployed to many south east Asian countries and served in combat during Operation Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom earning the Bronze Star. My wife of 20 years has endured much. Together we love and enjoy our children and grandchildren.


Thank you for this support.

In Him who sent us...

"You will never do anything in this world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor." Aristotle

Jeffrey Conti


Chambers custom knives


I've been making knives since 1995, known for my Arkansas Bowie and Arkansas Toothpick.

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