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Jett Sett - Basic 1lb

Jett Sett - Basic 1lb

Jett Sett - Basic 1lb

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Jett Sett


This material is low temp forming plastic. It is widely used in the engraving industry to hold parts in place for engravers that would be hard to clamp.

It's amazing stuff. To use heat it up in water until soft. This is well under boiling temperature but still hot enough to be careful when handling.

Heat the beads up in water on the stove until soft. Strain out the water and mix the beads into a ball like playdough. While still pliable, mold the Jett Sett material around the item you want to clamp. Let it cool. The Jett Sett turns quite hard and holds the material being fixtured tightly in position. When you are done, simply heat up in water or with a hair dryer to get it soft enough to release the item being held.

This material doesn't wear out and is re-usable. A pound of Jett Sett will last quite some time.

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