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Sentry Solutions - Hi-Slip Grease (tm) 12 cc syringe

Sentry Solutions - Hi-Slip Grease (tm) 12 cc syringe

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Sentry Solutions - Hi-Slip Grease (tm) 12 cc syringe

SKU: LWP-SS-91050-Hi-Slip-12cc



HI-SLIP GREASE: 12cc/syringe

A synthetic blend containing the purest, sub-micron molybdenum (moly) disulfide available. It is formulated specifically for firearms and military hardware. Tested and used by NAVY SEALs, it lubricates and protects from -65?F/-54?C to 650?F/343?C and resists water wash-off. Even under extreme conditions and high load, it prevents galling of all metals including titanium, aluminum and stainless steel. 12cc

Meets Mil-Spec 10924G requirements. 

HI-SLIP GREASE offers the beneficial properties of conventional oil based lubricants without the migration problems; it stays right where you put it. Packaged in a handy syringe, application to any surface is easy. This product incorporates the latest synthetic and dry film molybdenum (moly) disulfide technology to extend its functional range from the standpoint of both temperature and load carrying ability. HI-SLIP GREASE should be used on all high load surfaces such as locking lugs on bolts. It smoothes tight actions for an easy lock up, lightens triggers and protects choke tube threads, while making them easier to tighten and remove.
HI-SLIP GREASE can be used on firearms, fishing tackle, knives, tools, locks, and even on telescopes. Use it around the house; anywhere heavy-duty lubrication and protection is needed.
How it Works:
HI-SLIP GREASE works by sticking right where it is applied. Sentry Solutions formulated this product with just the amount of "tackiness" to resist any migration and resist water wash off. Using the handy syringe you can apply precisely the amount needed and know that it will not spread to other areas of your firearms or equipment. When used in combination with Sentry Solutions' dry film products (like SMOOTH-KOTE and BP2000 Powder) you are able to tune your firearms for the highest performance and reliability.
HI-SLIP GREASE provides a high performance grease film and an extreme pressure-lubricating layer between surfaces and wear points where galling may occur. It works especially well on highly loaded components, including those made of titanium and aluminum. It will lubricate and protect all kinds of equipment not only in sub-zero Arctic temperatures (-65?F/-54?C), but also in the hottest desert environments (650?F/343?C), and it is extremely resistant to water.
  • Clean surfaces well.
  • Apply a small amount of HI-SLIP GREASE (about the size of a pen tip) with the syringe applicator exactly where you want it.
  • Wipe off any excess. Pull back on syringe plunger to draw grease out of nozzle and replace cap.

When applying to larger surfaces such as slide rails or threads on choke tubes, use a swab or similar to spread a thin film on the areas to be protected. Always wipe off any excess to avoid mess and contamination of surrounding areas.

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